When We Ran

by Stick Around

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    Stick Around are a four-piece diy pop-punk band from Galway, Ireland. Their music blends the passion and dedication of Latterman with the melodic punch of bands like Title Fight and Get Bent. Their lyrics burst with positivity; a celebration of youth, optimism and the simple joys of being alive. Stick Around’s EP When We Ran tells stories of love, hope and growing up. The melodic hooks are plentiful, and the band’s enthusiasm shines brightly through this well-produced record. If you sometimes need a reminder that everything will be OK in the end, maybe you could do with listening to this. - SOS FROM THE WEST




released September 10, 2010



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Stick Around Galway, Ireland

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Track Name: Belgium Sideburn (Intro)
Track Name: The Bull
I love hearing stories about when I was a kid/No past tales of glory, Just pissing into the wind/I love my mother and I'll always love my dad/ They gave me the best that they never had/Yeah I always had something to say/ It was all new to me.I was never a shit head/but I still did shit in school/Until I found a bass and for a second thought I was cool/ The days changed more than I changed my clothes/As I wrote lyrics that have never been shown/ i always had something to say it was all so new to me /it was me being me/I'm still no shit head and I've yet to go back to school. Still don't change my clothes and know now that I'm not cool. Still love my mother and forever love my dad, still giving me the best they never had/I used to run with a stick as a gun I remember it, used to be so much fun.
Track Name: Blueberry Pancakes
I know where I'll be in next ten years/ Yeah I'm going to be happy/Life moves way too fast, don't know how long it'll last/ It kind of scares me/Kind of scares me away/Come here and help me love this world/ Because without you I cant learn the things I need to in this world today/ And I will help you when you're alone/Because no one can see the world the way we imagined it to be.and i dont know where i would go if i wasnt with you i think id loose my mind and who would be there to put me back in line because as you know i fall out all the time
Track Name: Title Scrap
I've seen it all before/My life is crashing down/Can't get me down no more/My frown is upside down/I've never been more happy/Then I am right now/I've never been more at peace/Then I am right now/Yeah It's the best I've ever been/I've forgotten how I love to scream/The Dark days are gone away and they're never coming back/if i had to do it again/I'd do it all the same//There's no left here to blame and no we're not the same/There's no one/No one to blame.
Track Name: Hold My Hand
My life was empty until I met you/Now that im with you it's a dream come true/When I'm with you I feel alright/When I'm with you my future seems bright/So fucking bright/Please take my hand/Please hold it tight/And You'll be fine/Please take my hand/Please hold it tight/And We'll be fine/My life was empty until I met you/Now that I'm with you it's a dream come true/When I'm with you I feel alright//All through the day and all through the night/
Track Name: Bisto Gravy
Look on the bright side you've got too much loose/ Life's not about problems and you're fucking bad news/ Just keep your head high and don't ask why/ No need to ask why because you will be fine/ I like short shorts and movies about love/Lyrics about the summer and moments that I'm apart of/Yeah you will be fine.
Track Name: Oldschool
Everymorning when I wake up the world fills my cup with sorrow but I pick it up and throw it down the drown/Yesterday I felt good/Today I feel better because I know where I'll be/Just wake up/Everynight when I go to bed I rest my head and think about tomorrow/Yesterday I felt good/Today I feel better because I know where I'll be/That's just how it is/I finally figured out what I've been waiting for/Now the time has come and I know what it's for/I've finally figured out
Track Name: G'Luck/Golden Rickshaw
It breaks my heart to see us go this way/We let ourselves go but I won't go astray/If we weren't completely drained then we weren't doing it right/I would've dropped it all instead we dropped the light/Drop, We Dropped It, Lost, We Lost It/I ment everything that I said/But now just look at us/Now it's all dead/We could've taken this all around the world/But now it's all gone, now it's all gone/So goodbye my friends/I hope you'll be just fine/You've changed your own lives but I won't change mine. Yeah I won't change mine.